Different Footwear for Girls in 2016

July 25, 2016 |

0. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

In this  modern world  the people  are busy  in their  materialistic   activities because without it people consider the other  old and the out of fashion person .the selection of the dresses are different   of one another and mostly girls are very conscious about their dressing they  don’t want to see anyone who look like them  because  the dressing can change your overall look and it can tell your  personality which type of person you are and the many  psychologist  say that the effect of their personality is must seen  in the selection of dress prints .

when we talk about the dresses then automatically  footwear is  come  so   shoes are very expensive now a day .Everyone  buy it according to their  range some like to carry branded and some  carry the not  much expensive shoes  it is said that  keep your foot and hands clean than the face  but some people only see towards their  face and ignore the  feet.  Here we are talking about the shoes which are inn in the  fashion  of 2016  and the  trend which never remain same it changes  in every year  so if you like to carry  the shoes which are  trendy now a day’s then stay with us and see .

Super high heel:

1. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

Black color is mostly liked by the girls  in the  purchasing of  shoes because  it can be carried with any  color dress  high heel gladiator sandal  is looking nice you  can carry it in any formal function bar parties ,clubs  and other many more parties which are arranged  at night time   maxi is a good dress    to carry with this   sandal  gladiators  are  very beautiful and you can apply red nail paint to give an extra beauty to your footwear.

Red and white combination:

2. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

If we carry  different color  shoes  in one color then  contrasted  shoes are also look beautiful  with your simple dress  it is colorful  and you can carry it  in the spring season  because spring is the blooming season  and the colors are spreading in the spring .statement heel with the stripped style is looking gorgeous  you can carry this pumps  it your white skirt and the top .

Shoes for the glamorous look:

3. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

The glamorous is the world of beauty and charm  and many ladies  wants to look  beautiful and   attractive so for the  charming and beautiful look you can  carry theses black  high heel pointed  sandal  embedded with the white stones  on your pointed shoes the snake style with the  stones  is very beautiful it is not much fancy  you can carry it in the formal and semi formal both parties .

Grey color pointed toe heel:

4. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

In the fashion week the  footwear which was carried   on the  catwalk time  and the  other   time when  we wear it casually and   in the semi formal way  then pointed  toe heel grey color shoes are nice choice  alligator shape is from the front and the heel is made of steel   you can carry it with striped trouser and the  mini skirt is also a good idea  to carry these shoes.

Black and white color:

5. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

In the  2016 contrasted shoes are very trendy you can  go with the black  and white  pointed toe heels with the  laces and the  striped style is looking fabulous you can carry it with your  shorts and the  rough jeans mostly boho girls carry such shoes  if you are a college girl then you can carry it because  it is very comfortable   and fashion able .

Gladiator’s style:

6. The Top Footwear Styles in 2016

The nude sandal, gladiators and the cage sandals are very trendy and fashionable now a day if you want to carry the   shoes for summer season then gladiators are the best to carry with these black sandals you can apply the silver and the  red nail paint to enhance  your beauty  and you look more stylish   you  can buy the short gladiators also but the  long looks more enchanting.


When you are going to select the  shoes  then you should  select the evening time because at that  time  your foot  is in its right form   the patients  of the kidney and  the  backbone problems avoid to carry the  high heel because it can  create cramp in your body and you can be  become a joint patient at the end but if you like to wear  high heel at once and seldom ten it ,s OK it is not  the matter of  tension.

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