David Yurman Bridal Ornament Collection 2014-15

October 30, 2014 |

About David Yurman

David Yurman is luxury and current private jewel company that founded in America and provided all types of jewelry and the founders are David Yurman and Sybil Yurman. Headquarter is established in New York, United State. Here, we are bringing a lot variety of chic and marvelous bridal jewelry items that are design by David Yurman. This collection consists on rings, bracelets, bangles and earrings and made exclusive silver metal and garnish with diamond stones, rhinestones and crystals. Have a great glance our matchless and alluring ornament collection that is really able to appreciate.

Diamond stones ring for bridal

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Ring is small decorative ornament that wear by men and women but mostly recognized by ladies. This alluring and lustrous ring that design by David Yurman is made with silver metal in exclusive style and garnished with petite rhinestones and diamond stone. This ring is best gift for first day bridal or wedding anniversary.

Heart shape earrings for modern girls

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Look at this fantastic and shimmering pair of heart earrings that made with silver and adorned with pave diamonds. These glorious and enchanting heart earrings are dazzling gift for lover.

Rhinestones bangle for ladies

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Bangles are traditional ornament for South Asian women but now a day, glass bangles trend is alter from metal bangles and bridals also wear metal bangles on their wedding day. This silver bangle is embellished with sparkling rhinestones.

Bridal bracelet by Davdi Yurman

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David Yurman is tremendous great and exquisite designer that made with luxury and outstanding jewelry items. This David bracelet id made with silver and embellished with pave diamonds and design in exclusive style. This exceptional and lustrous bangle is dreamy gift for bridal.

Here, you are seeing a lot variety of luxury exclusive and sparkled bridal jewelry that design by David Yurman. All creations are cherished and fantastic. You can also see further more bridal jewelry items in the gallery images. I believe, you will appreciate and muc inspire this collection.

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