Cute Happy Birthday Cakes with Candles for Sweet Kids

October 21, 2015 |

Kid’s cake with candles:

Birthday is one of most celebrated event which is everyone celebrated once in a year. Kids are enormously excited for their special day. They want to be special, they expect special loving treatment and they want to celebrate this day with their parents, family members, friends and other near and dears. Parents also want to give special response to their kid’s expectations. They try to celebrate their birthday in memorable way.
Birthday can’t imagine without cake, delicious cake becomes the birthday celebrations most exciting and sweet. It is a custom which is equally shared by whole world that birthday person cit a cake to celebrate his/her birthday. To enhance the beauty of cake and to create a charming excitement, cakes are beautified with illuminating candles. Here we are sharing some excellent birthday cakes which are beautified with fetching candles. These cakes are enormously delicious and their candle decorations are increasing their beauty. These moth watering cakes are perfectly awesome for kid’s birthday. to create a memorable environment at your kid’s birthday, these cake decoration ideas are amazingly terrific.

Let’s take a view of these sweetest birthday cakes which are fascinatingly bedecked with fetching colorful, printed and dancing candles.

Creamy birthday cake with colorful bunties and candles

1 ballon birth day cake

Crunchy chocolate kid’s birthday cake with exciting candle decoration

2 birth day cake with candles

Cute creamy birthday cake for kids’ birthday with candle lit

Birthday cake with single lit candle
Thick chocolate under construction kid’s birthday cake with crunches

4 Birthday Under Construction cake

Creamy birthday cake with candles and cute exciting manifestations

5 circus Birthday cake with candles

Exciting creamy birthday cake charm of illuminating candles

6 kids Birthday Cake and Balloons
Colorful bunties and delicious candies chocolate birthday cake with candles

Children (6-10) Wearing Costumes and Blowing Out Candles on Birthday Cake

Pink and white creamy birthday cake with polka dot embellished candles

8 pink birth day cake

Delicious birthday cake with candles for kid’s birthday

10 birth day cake with candle lights

Exciting rainbow happy birthday cake for kids with candles


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