Chic Ways to Wear Black and White in Summer

April 11, 2016 |

Ideas to wear black and white dress for summer

0. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

Summer is such a season  which does not allow wearing every type of dress .In summer season there are many parties are organized   therefore you have to go in these parties with different dresses that give you chic and stylish look. Black and white colors remain evergreen and   give you a decent look and it is best contrast for summer because black color shows the decency and white shows your purity and innocenty. You can carry black and white dress on any occasions and events because it looks so nice. There are many styles in the black and white color and you can carry any color shoes with these dresses .In summer very few people go with black color because it is bold color and white color is wear by some sophisticated people so here I have some ways to carry the combination of black and white color in fabulous way.

0+ Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

Tips for wearing black and white dress:
1.    In summer  you can carry black and white color dress like floral print top with white pent  is looking nice and you can carry it at day time for  going market or any place with glasses because glasses in the summer is much  important and vital. If you want to go in party with this dress then you can wear fancy jewelry with your simple dress.
1. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

2.    Shorts and sleeveless tunic is very inn in the trend but the tunic is very stylish because it’s stitching cuts are very unique if you  are a college girl then this dress is good for this summer and you can carry ankle length  booties with    hobo bag.
2. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

3.    Fit top with skinny jeans  is for those who are working in the offices and it is best for those who are teachers because it gives you a fascinating appearance and with your skinny jeans you can put on  high heel coat shoes because teachers are very social and decent then this dressing can be perfect for you.
3. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

4.    Leather black skinny with plain basic and half sleeves coat is for those girls who like the street style look and you can hold black carry but messenger bag and   half moon bag is also perfect but you should never ignore the sun glasses with this dress because it is the need of summer season and the fashion of street style.
4. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

5.    Rolled hem jeans with vertical printed black and white strips basic shirt with sleeveless blazer with peep toe heel sandal and   bucket bag is best and if you add brown shaded glasses then it give you great look for your get together parties and you can go in college parties and office parties with this outfit.
5. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

6.    In summer many ladies prefer to wear short and light dresses but if you are so bold then you can carry   blouse with shorts and you can go on tour which you have planned on this summer season and make top bun that can save you hotness of the sun and use sunglasses.
6. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

7.    In summer polka dot is very remarkable and it look so you can sleeveless ankle length frock with net  scarpin shoes it is best for your casual dressing but you can wear  black tights with this dress because  some ladies want to like  wear something in the bottom  with this dress you can use chiffon staler and scarf  for an Asian look.
7. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

8.    Block printed casual shirt with black fit leather jeans  gives you a modern look when you  go outside it can be wear in club parties  with the satchel bag and you can go with  fancy   pouch  if you want to enjoy a party because it is very decent and nice dressing.

8. Chic Ways To Wear Black and white In Summer

Final  note:

In summer collect light  colors to wear because it give you cool effect and avoid  from  open shoes because it can  be  harmful for your  health but if you  go in  the day time outside then you can carry hat it enhance your beauty and save you from the ultra violet rays of sun. But if you want to carry black and white then these dresses are best try in this summer.

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