Cake for Your baby’s Birthday with Animal Shapes

March 10, 2016 |

0. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Birthday is a special occasion and everybody wants to enjoy this event   with full buzz .Kids are especially very excited on their birthdays they want to celebrate it with their family, friends and class fellows. Very grand parties are held on the day of birthday and many relatives are invited in the party and they come in party for giving prayers and gifts. The main thing which becomes the cause of attraction is cake because all person do their best to decorate the cake according to the liking of their child .Some children like cartoon characters ,some baby girl like Barbie character cake but there are many children who like animals therefore they to the shape of animal on our cakes .So if the birthday of your kids is nearer then you should go and order them to a animal shape birthday cake it gives delight to the birthday baby and all coming guest.

0+ Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Different animals shape cake

There are no specific shapes in cakes it is up to you what type of cake do you like but the mixture is same because all are made with egg butter and cream .Now a day the trend of animal is inn in the cakes. These cakes are very beautiful and give an elegant decorated cake.

Fish shape cake:

Fish is very beautiful and colorful animal and it make your kids excited and you can decorate your cake with colorful bunties if the party theme of your birthday is on beach then the fish shape cake is best .

1. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Butterfly shape cake:

In the animals butterfly is full of all color and it is very innocent .You can be make this cake for your baby girls because girls are also very sensitive like the butterfly and you can make his cake at your own home with cream and chocolate which do you like.

2. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Monkey shape cake:

If your kid is inspired from the animals and birds then you can make monkey shape on his birthday cake .monkey face is very funny and when your kid see that cake on his birthday he automatically smile and if your child like chocolate then it is also good because monkey has also brown color.

3. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Safari cake :

If you want to go with animal cake then you can make safari cake because this cake is full of all animals and if the theme of your birthday party is at outside just like park ,zoo and other picnic point then this cake can go well but you can decorate according to the time if your birthday is as daytime then you should make light colors and in evening you can go with bold color cake.

4. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Garden cake

Many parties are celebrated in gardens and lawn if you have an idea that your baby’s birthday party is in the garden or lawn then you can go with the theme of garden on the birthday cake because it gives you a good feeling if your birthday is in garden and your cake is according to the club then it is wrong and never work in a better way. With animal shapes you can make cakes like cat, dog squirrels, goat, sheep etc can make on cake.

5. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Jungle cake:

Many kids have desired to go out to celebrate birthday party then you should go in forest and celebrate your baby’s birthday in open environment .But if you have fear feopm jungle then you can go countryside, farm house etc where you can easily enjoy your event and the cake should be according the theme of party .With chocolate cake and cream fondant you can make different animals shapes on that cake which you think that these are present in the jungle and   country sides.

6. Animal shapes birthday cake for your kids

Note: When you are going to make birthday cakes then you should keep in your mind the choice of your child and with these cakes you can add marshmallows and lollipop but avoid to extra cake because cream is full of greasy and chocolate is very sweet which can be harmful for your health.

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