Beautiful Range of 2016 Friendships Bands for Girls

March 7, 2016 |

What Gift I Should Give to My Best Friend on Friendship Day?

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“Friendship” can you define it? What it is? How it develops? Well, I think it’s quite a tough task because I personally cannot define it in accurate words but I know that I got all friends in my life just like a miracle. I only know that the best companions of your life who care for you, who love you, trust you or cherish you they all are known as friends. When I meet someone & this person talks to me in a well organized & frank way then yes it is obvious that I once again want to meet this person & then ultimately these reparative meetings & good behavior of the other person leads us towards strong friendship. Well, it is my experience. If you like, then you can share yours with me.

So, today, I am here with a great range of friendship bracelets or bands. Every year “friendship” day is celebrated. Can you tell me the date? Well, if you never remember then don’t worry I will tell you. Friendship day is usually celebrated in the month of august. On the first Sunday of august friendship day is celebrated in all over the world. On this day friend usually like to thanks their most affectionate friends. They like to present an honor to their friendship by giving gifts, cards, sweets, flowers etc to each other. On this upcoming friendship I am going to give friendship bands as gift to my all dear, lovely, cute, important & best friends. Do you also want to give a friendship band as gift to your friends? Then don’t go anywhere from this page because here I am going to show some very versatile designs of bands for girls. Some online buying links are also given so that you can buy these online (if you like). I am sure you will love the designs. So, let’s explore the collection now!

Heart Design Friendship Bands:

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I know that friends always play very valuable role into our lives. They help us in our bad time. They bring smile on our face when we are in grief. They give us right pieces of advises. So, in short words they have a very soft corner into our heart. So, on this friendship day you need to give a heart design bracelet or band as gift to your best friend so that you can tell him/her that he/she have a very soft place into your heart. The price of orange color heart design band (that is shown above) is $9.00 & it is available at etsy. The online buying link is given below.

Personalized Friendship Bands for Girls:

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Friendship Day is the right day to make your best friend to feel very special by giving a personalized wrist band as gift (As you can view the bands into the above picture). These are called personalized bands because the alphabets on coin style charm are showing the first letter of my best friends. M is for Mari, H is for Huma & E is for Elle. These are available under price £24. The online buying link is given below.

Handmade Braided Design Friendship Band Idea:

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Into the above picture you can view the very colorful braided design bands. These all are simply made at home. These are very low cost. You just need colorful threads & then make braided pattern by measuring your wrist size. The handmade items always show your deepest affection for the other person because you spend some hours from your valuable time for the making of these handmade items. As we know that red color shows love, yellow show best companionship, pink signifies softness & orange for good fortune so always make a colorful braided bracelet or band so that these colors can signifies all feelings.

Pearl Friendship Bands:

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I love the delicateness & soothing effect that I always feel after watching the pearl made jewelry. Pearls also signify for purity & we know that friendship is always pure. In our lots of relations such as even in blood relation we see the element of jealousy & envy but in friendship your friends always think positively for you. So, show the pureness of your friendship by giving pearl design bands as gift on this friendship day.  You can view that pearl friendship bracelets made with colorful cotton cord in which colors, such as light pink, red, yellow, turquoise are common & looking very perfect.

Colorful Beaded Friendship Bands for Girls:

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Into the above picture you can view the very cutest designs of colorful beaded bands. These are made by using the plastic beads. The bright colors are looking very funky. The floral design beaded bands are also looking quite girlish. The simple beaded bands price is around $7.00 & the online buying link is given below.

Decent Beaded Friendship Bands:

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If your friend is a choosy person & like some decent styles of jewelry pieces then for her you can choose these decent styles of bands that are shown above. The price is such bands are around $12.00. One buying link is given below.

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