Beautiful Gold Bangles & Bracelets for Girls with Prices

February 16, 2016 |

Stylish & Decent Gold Wrist Wear Ideas for Girls:

Last Friday, when my elder sister got her first salary from the office then she said to me that “she want to buy a gift for me from her salary”. I replied that “I need a gold bracelet or bangle”. She said “ok as you wish”. So, we both sit in front of our computer & search about “gold bracelets & bangles”. During the search I found very reasonable price tag gold wrist wear & believe me the designs are really very decent. I have gotten my one’s but I want to share this searching experience with you so that if you are also planning to buy gold bracelet or bangles as well as gold pleated bangles then you can get these from the best online places. Whether you want to give a bracelet or a gold bangle to your mother or wife, then it can become a best gift. You can also use these as birthday gift or anniversary gift. I not include very heavy designs of bracelets but I include only those that are simple, decent & timelessly elegant. Any age of girl as well as Mature ladies can wear these casually as well as formally. Let’s explore these!

Most Expensive Yellow Gold Bracelets:

0 lucky charm gold bracelet £499

Into the above pictures you can see the three different designs of bracelets. These are made by using pure yellow gold. One is the lucky charm gold bracelet that’s price is around £499 while other is the tear drop design pure yellow gold bracelet that’s price is around £179 & last one is the stunning one, in this bracelet the three pearls are added & yellow gold snake chain style is making it just fabulous & the price of this bracelet is almost £99.99. I saw these & some more on The complete address of these products is given below. If you want to buy one or more bracelets then click on the link (that is given below).|bracelets/material|yellow+gold/

Disc Design Gold Bangle & Crystal Embellished Bracelet:

1 Disc Charm Bangle Bracelet $16.00

Here you can view the Disc design Charm hanging Bangle style Bracelet whose price is around $16.00. It is available at & if you like this one then it click on the website link & buy it now. You can view another bracelet & it is made with pure yellow gold & the price of this gold bracelet is around USD $ 477.09 at If you like this one then go on this website & follow address Home > Gold Jewellery > Bracelets. Links are given below.

Decent Design Wrist Wear Ideas for Girls:

3 Gold Bangle Bracelet $40.00

Here you can view total 4 designs of bangles. First one is the simple gold bangle style bracelet & one pearl is inserted into the bangle & its price is around $40.00. Second is a personalized style bracelet with an alphabet “j” (if your name starts with “j” then it is best one for you) & its price is around $36.00. Choose a bracelet that has your name’s first letter. Another is the simplest gold bangle which price is $35. In another picture you can view gold bangles with beads & stones embellishments so if you like these then its price is around $22. These all are available at

Latest Designs of Bracelets for Bangles/Bracelets:

Here once again you can see four designs of bracelet/bangles. These are also available at I think these are artificial bracelets. But I include these here because I love these designs. If you like any design then you can order to your jeweler to prepare the same design in gold metal.
One is the Antique Design Gold bracelet with blackish effect that is available at $11.95.

7 Antique Gold bracelet $11.95
Another is bohemian design bracelet price is $14.

8 bohemian design gold bracelet $14

This is the feather design bracelet & its price is almost $16.00 on esty.

9 feather design gold bracelet $16.00
This is peacock inspired design bracelet with price $14.00 on esty.

10 peacockl design gold bracelet $14.00



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