Beautiful and Cute Pumps Barbie Shoes for Young Girls

February 4, 2016 |

My mother calls me out Barbie and absolutely every girl is a Barbie in herself. Today we have assorted the Barbie inspired shoes pumps for girls that they can carry and make their self a perfect living Barbie in world but For the better understanding we will have to peep into the history of this most wanted girl’s doll.  The inventor of this creation was Ruther Handler who made this doll, inspired by her daughter Barbara love for adults dolls. It was something different that most of the teenage girls were interested to have infants dolls but her daughter and friends were seem busy in playing with paper dolls by characterizing them, this gave her idea that same like doll must be created with different ideas. So with the cooperation of her husband company she made the phenomenal artistic formation of Barbie doll by her daughter name Barbara that became famous all over the world and further with the passage of time there took different changes in Barbie appearance as you can see now this time this doll has various characters and considered the fashion icon.
The Barbie was accessorized thoroughly with fashion trends in fact the most iconic dressing code, hairstyles, accessories and makeover will give you inspiration about 21st century girls character. Today my collection will help you in creating your Barbie style wearing same pumps shoes. Looking out their characters you will understand how beautifully the Barbie has commanded her style wearing most fashionable categories of shoes like wedges, pumps, high heels, loafers, oxford, heels in every kind, flip flop and beach shoes too, but now I am going to reveal the best of best pumps Barbie shoes in heels and flats.

High heel pink pumps with straps:

1 high heel barbie pumps sandals

Pink color is most favorite of girls and also popular, assimilating the Barbie choice as the most of Barbies will seem wearing all the pink. So make your choice pretty by wearing Barbie pink high heel shoes that you can pair with any dressing style to look fresh and same as Barbie looks in wearing these edgy heels.

Barbie head design long heel pumps:

2 barbie design pumps for girls

The first Barbie was starred in golden hairs but after some time different dye colors and hairstyles were given to Barbie head that’s why there are shoes of barbies that have also been designed with Barbie heads printed over it. These shoes are perfect for the parties where Barbie theme is announced and implemented for girls. Wear these shoes and be a perfect Barbie.

Flat wedge Barbie pumps for girls:

3 pink barbie wedges

Wedges shoes are also liked by Barbie dolls and you will see them wearing such pink cute pumps in wedge or kitten heels. You have choice whether you want to go with stripped pink and white shoes or the all plain. These short heel pumps will support your feet to walk just like a Barbie because wedge heels are easy to handle and give your feet elegant style.

Pink glitter pumps shoes:

4 barbie glittery long heel pumps

You will have seen the Barbies in glitter outfits but for girls we are offering glitter pink high heel pumps to elongate your body just like a Barbie. For fun parties and get together with friends these shoes are perfect and stylish in stilettos and pointy high heel styles, it is up to you to which style you want to have your chic style statement.

5 red rhinestone barbie shoes

Round toe, peep toe or pointy pumps are giving you variety to wear in red that is embellished with sparkly rhinestones.  Some girls like to have Barbie theme wedding and for that day you must select one of the Barbie shoes style with gleaming embellishment.

Barbie girl shoes:

6 cute barbie pumps heels for girls

For Halloween parties you must try Barbie appearance wearing pink style outfit and footwear like in the picture on which Barbie doll or Barbie girl has been written that is inspired by the most famous character of kid’s dolls. I have given you three tone shades of pink shoes; one is in coral pink and second is soft baby pink while the third is sparkly pink. Decide the shade according to your dressing color scheme.

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