Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

March 31, 2016 |

Ideas to do trendy makeup

0. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Makeup is the demand of every girl because without makeup ladies think themselves they are incomplete and make up is a source to enhance the feminine beauty and according to the trend it becomes change but make up remain inn in all the seasons because it give you a glowing and perfect look .In winter something bold and dark colors are applied by   the girls and the light and matte colors are for summer season and in spring shimmery and glitter makeup is inn and in autumn   mix make up is in trend .All the makeup is decided according to the climate because in summer we feel hotness and if we use dark colors in summer you look very odd and in winter if you use light color then you look very boring and dry person because in winter all are in happy mood and in spring sparkle and glitter makeup is symbolizes the lush green grass bloom flowers and colorful rainbow   and in spring everything gain new birth and in autumn everywhere is the mood of loneliness people want to live in   separation and this season   effect on us and we feel fatigue and fed up but due to these problems we can’t leave go outside and our activities can’t be give up so here I have some ideas to applying makeup in autumn season.


0+ Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

In the autumn you should do simple and natural make up and you can go with light foundation and natural pink lipstick with colorful lenses and you can use brown pencil under your lashes it give you a new look.


1. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

If you are going in any party and want to apply   autumn makeup then you can apply natural make up with bold red lipstick because black color is very   nice and perfect for going in parties   then with black color dress you should natural eye makeup because if you apply   smoky make up with red lipstick yopu look very odd.

2. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Natural makeup is in trend and in autumn   you should be very simple and only blush on can apply on your cheeks and dark maroon lipstick is best choice if you are going in any wedding with simple and natural make up don’t bind your hair rather open hair are good.


3. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

The girls who have natural fair color they should not   apply foundation and base because you have already very white color so you can apply thick mascara with light pink and peach color lipstick and light line of eye liner can be apply for prom parties.


4. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Fair color with bold rosy lipstick  with light mascara  is best for  these ladies who like   street style and get together parties with this lipstick you can use shimmer in very light in your eyes because dark color are not good for this lipstick.


5. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Eye liners are very inn now a days and many girls apply it with different ways if you are a university or a college girl then you should apply light matte color with open wings and Arabian style eyes because with stylish eyeliner you should go with light lipstick like baby pink, peach and skin shaded. If you make cat eye then you can apply magenta shade lipstick in the autumn season.


6. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Many ladies who are related to any job then their make up something different from the young ladies then you can go with shimmery black and grey shade and blue color liner is good and smoky pencil under your eyes with natural lip shiner for your office appearance.


7. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

The girls who like an innocent and childish look then they should use only light color bas according to their face complexion and then dark pink blush on of matte color on their cheeks and red pencil in your eyes and pinkish red lipstick is great choice and you should make such hairstyle which give you a childish appearance .

8. Autumn Makeup Trends 2016

Bonus tips:

Make up enhance the beauty of your face but if you do very artificial make up then you look so odd and if you like trendy make up then you should use such accessories which are branded if you use local make up then the glow of your skin can be destroy.

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