Ankle Boot Fashion 2016 Ideas for Girls

March 15, 2016 |

Crazy Styles of Ankle Boots to Rock in Fall/Winter:

Do you love to wear ankle boots? Yes of course you love these because these boots not only provide warmth to your feet but also looks very stylish. You can make style statement, either in street or party, by wearing these booties. These are again in trend in this year. So, I think you must have enough knowledge about this style. Yes, I know we are living in an age of fashion where almost every girl is very well aware from different styles of trends but in this fast age there are still some girls who never aware about types of ankle boots. So, here on this page I am going to highlight ankle boots styles & designs in detail so that you can find a right pair for you. Although the boots are also available in knee length or thigh length or in calf length but I think the ankle length boots are best because all others are too long & can cause irritation for your legs. Keep in mind that these ankle boots can also be used as Water proof boot, snow boot, rain boot, hunter boots or boots for protecting your feet from the cold weather.

Ankle Boots Types on the Base of Color & Stuff:

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You can find ankle boots from lighter to brighter colors. Mostly black, brown, white, beige & maroon color boots are considered essential for a woman‘s wardrobe because these are neutral colors & can be wearable with almost every style & color of attire. If we talk about the manufacturing of ankle boots then you can find these boots in different stuffs such as leather ankle boots are most commonly available. You can also find velvet ankle booties as well fleece, fur or suede stuff ankle boots. The prices of these boots vary due to use of stuff, quality & embellishment. In embellishments usually studs in cone shapes, square, round or oval shapes are used on boots, the beads, brooches, thread embroidery etc can also be used for decoration. But mostly simple ankle boots are preferred than fancy.

Ankle Boots on the Basis of Heels & Toes:

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You can find ankle length boots in different styles f heels & toe designs. I think when you go in market to buy boot then you must know the names of heels & toes so that you can demand your favorite one from the shopkeeper without any hesitation by using right name.  In Boot toes, the most common toes are open toe & closed toe. In closed toes you can find round toe, square toe, snip toe, pointed tow, wing toe etc while in open toes you can find peep toe, wide mouth toe etc. Similarly, in names of heels the pencils heels, wedge heels, Cuban Heels, stiletto heels, elevated heels, spool heels, cone heels etc are common. Into the above picture you can view pencil heel, Cuban heel, wedge heel & block heel.

Ankle Boots Types on the Base of Styles & Designs:

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You can find ankle booties in different styles & designs. You can go with strappy designs ankle boots as shown above into the picture. Strappy design just perfect for party wear! The lace up style also looks very nice & graceful. I think it is perfect for office or work wear while you can also see buckle design & fully feet covered ankle booties. So, you can find a variety of styles. But always choose a style in which you feel comfortable. Make sure you choose right size.

With What Styles of Outfits I can wear Ankle Boots?

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Well, yes, your question is good. Ankle boots can go best with skinny jeans as well as with flare cut jeans. Either you can tuck your jeans into the boots or you can fold bottom of jeans towards up side. The choice is yours. You can also wear these boots with long skirts or miniskirts (with leggings in winter). A knee length jersey dress can also go best with ankle boots. Mostly girls prefer to wear these boots with skinny jeans.

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