Amazing Summer Bridal Collection 2016 by Sanam Chaudhri

May 3, 2016 |

Sanam Chaudhri, bridal collection;

Summer is not recommended or considered as perfect wedding season but still we celebrate wedding ceremonies in this season. Summer is not perfect wedding season that the reason that most of designer do not disclosed their bridal collections for summer seasons by Sanam Chaudhri is competent enough that she has done something valuable for summer season brides. She disclosed her most recent and flattering bridal collection for 2016 summer season.

This outstanding bridal collection is matchless expression of traditional elegance. Contemporary stitching designs are paired with traditional concepts to produce something regal and extraordinary. Sanam Chaudhri’s summer bridal collection is based upon fabulous patterns and opulent embellishing concepts. Heavy zardosi works, salma sitra manifestations and tremendous sequin works are creditably producing fine magnificence, these truly splendid bridal outfits are perfect selection for young fashionista to produce matchless look at their great day of life. So summer brides, do not be panic that you are going to be bride in summer season because we have something greatly outstanding to tackle your summer bridal appearance. let’s discuss flattering magnificence, prestigious designing visions and precious embellishing touches of these perfectly well stitching bridal costumes which are immaculate selections as complete bridal costume package.

Red and maroon elegance:

1 Sanam Chaudhri Summer Bridal 2016 Collection

Both these are most authentic and prior hues for Pakistan brides but summer brides feel little bit hesitation to select pure red or deep maroon colors but I am sure that you will be greatly fascinate by both these bridal attires which are same mentioned colored. Their fabric stuffs, embellishing visions stitching designs all are perfect to deal with an inspiring bridal look. With loose bun and heavy fold beaded bridal jewelry; you can boost up exact charisma of stimulating Pakistani bridal beauty.

Matchless reception charm:

2 Sanam Chaudhri Summer Bridal 2016 Collection (1)

After wearing red or maroon like colored at barat day definitely you want some change in your reception day’ look, take a look of these fascinating attires which are purely immaculate choice for reception day. Their stitching designing, wearing ideas and hues, all are unique, these attires are distinctive in their wearing style and colored but same in their classy elegance and heavy embellishing patterns as it was your wedding day dress. You can carry these attires with magnificent attires with gold and kundan jewelry accessory to look inspiringly dazzling.

Regal style bridal wear:

3 Sanam Chaudhri Summer Bridal 2016 Collection (4)

Those brides who are interested in regal bridal look can think about this fascinating bridal attire. It has regal stitching design in its expression. It hues, embellishing touch and stitching idea all are related from ancient designing visions. To enjoy immaculate prestigious bridal beauty, pair this open style bridal gown with gold heavy jewelry and loose updo hairstyle. Every expression of this terrific bridal dress is vivacious expression of elegance which is ideally desired by every bride to attain at their great day.

After wedding functions:

4 Sanam Chaudhri Summer Bridal 2016 Collection (10)

Wedding is not consisted upon 3 day functions rather you have to be prominent and special for many other events which are celebrated after wedding. For after reception celebrations, this fetching dress is perfect choice. Its color combination, embellishing visions and way of accessorizing all are just awesome to tackle the fetching appearance of newlywed brides. I am sure that it will also be perfect choice for those dinner parties which are held by dear and near just after your wedding.

Fashion note:

As a bride you have to wear heavy bridal costumes in summer season but you can go light with jewelry accessories and makeup. So keep yourself at ease and stay away from extraordinary makeup and jewelry accessories for summer season wedding event.

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