Abaya Designs & Styles for Middle Eastern Women & Girls

September 10, 2015 |

Muslim Girls & Women in Traditional & Modern Design Abayas:

Abaya is one of the most searched attire on the web. Mostly, the Muslim women & girls from all over the world need this outfit so that they can fulfill the requirements of religion Islam. In this era of fashion, I think no lady can imagine to go outside either for shopping or for a party without proper dressing & styling.

So, how it is possible for the fashion loving Muslim ladies to wear old designs abaya! Am I right? Yes, I know these ladies are always in search of very unique ways of designing abaya. Don’t worry my dear viewers & readers because fashion designers are bringing revolutionary changes into the old style of clothing, footwear, jewelry as well as abayas. So, the task that you need to perform daily is to on your computer, connect it with internet & visit this site so that you can get latest updates about the stunning designs of abayas.

Whether you need Arabian abayas, Irani abaya or Dubai abayas, here you can each & every style. Today, I am going to share a range of black & other colors of abayas (but black is the empowering color of this collection). Each abaya is stitched on new pattern of design. Women can use these abayas not only when they wasn’t to go outside but also on different formal events especially when they want to get a modest Islamic lady look. Have a look!

Butterfly Style Black Abaya with Pink Outline:

0 Middle Eastern abaya

Belt Pleated Abaya Design:

Middle Eastern abaya (1)

Sequin & Thread Work Abaya with Paisley Design & Leg Slit:

Middle Eastern abaya (2)

Moroccan Art Inspired Abaya with High Neckline:

Middle Eastern abaya (3)

Kimono Abaya in Maroon Silk Stuff:

Middle Eastern abaya (4)

Abaya with Long Embroidered Sleeves:

Middle Eastern abaya (5)

Front Open Gown Style Design on Abaya:

Middle Eastern abaya (6)

Modish Grey Abaya with Pockets Design:

Middle Eastern abaya (7)

Wrapped Abaya with Fancy Maroon Bodice:

Middle Eastern abaya (8)

Arabian Women Inspired Abaya Design:

Middle Eastern abaya (9)

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