8 Different Ways to Decorate a Plain Tote Bag Beautifully

March 3, 2016 |

Tote bags are cool with beautiful style and contain much space for ladies to put anything whatever they want. When you can make a beautiful tote bag at home then what is the need of purchasing high price bags from market? Yes girls! Today I want to give you some easy and fantabulous ideas, how can you décor the tote bags in many ways at home. If you are expert in stitching or making craft things or have some ideas, even have much interest in art then you may form the tote or canvas bags with your hands then there would be the process of decorating. But if you do not want to have much headache of stitching or shaping a tote bag at home then there is another option of getting simple plain canvas tote bags from market that is easily available in market in fewer prices.
Many of the girls first preference is to get a tote bag because of the simple and stylish style further it helps you in keeping the necessary things with you, anywhere or any time.  Well tote bags are in different sizes but I have taken the normal one which is considered the best of all.
For decorating the bag, just focus on your idea but if you have difficulty in deciding then get my ideas that can help you in forming the amazing tote bags even with no help of anyone. For embellishing, the things you are needed are mostly available at home that find in the waste material easily. Well I have 8 ways to adorn a tote bag that is much for girls, so approach these ideas and make your bag collection extra ordinary with unique bags.

Colorful buttons on tote bag:

1. black tote bag with colorful buttons

Buttons are mostly used in crafty projects like the handmade cards but you can try this cute adornment on a black tote bag. In the picture there are three rows of multi color buttons, first with the bigger size, second is smaller then it and third is small one. You may change the sequence or style according to your choice when going to tuck them on bag. For college girls this is best to have on shoulder.

Burlap tote bag in different sizes:

2. burlap tote bags

I love the burlap bow for embellish on any handmade thing and I also like to have burlap tote bag in different sizes but as far as its decoration is concerned, you just need to have different pattern fabric like chevron, dotted, floral or even stripped. Cut these patterned stuff intro triangles and paste them on bag. Tuck a little button on the every corner of triangles and get charm. The other way is to cut out the chevron print stuff into square shape and put it to bag.

Pretty belle tulle tote bag:

3. tulle tote bag

This idea is prettier with having belle tulle tote bag that you can decor using the yellow tulle fabric and styles it with the golden sequined lace. This bag is perfect for the Barbie lover girls or if you are going to hold a Barbie theme party, then taking this belle tote would be classy matched with your yellow Barbie dress.

Floral arrangement on tote:

4. floral design tote bag

For floral designing there are two ways. First with any floral stuff and cut it into leave shapes and make the one corner exquisite by putting these leaves in the round circle. Secondly if you have skill of doing embroidery then a little floral embroidery in different colors would look gorgeous.

Hand printed tote bag for mother day gift:

5. handprinted tote bag

Moms like to have canvas bags when going for sopping, grocery or any work so you may make a gift of tote bag with the use of water color. Just fill the hands with any color and go on print until the sun shape appears. You may write anything lovely for mom or a handmade card with this gift will be a bashful thing for mother on mother day.

Embellish it with beds or stones:

6. beaded tote bag

Explore the waste stone and beads collection and get them for making a well decorated tote bag.  In the picture different shape fake stones have been pasted on the bag that is in different colors and looking cool. For young girls it can be the attractive idea.

Fabric bow on tote bag:

7. canvas tote bags

This one is my favorite with just putting a big size floral design fabric bow on bag and the bag is looking cute for fashion girls to take it for university or college.

Spruce the colors with art:

8. crafty tote bag

For art students it’s a big opportunity to form a bag with using colors and spruce them in an artistic way. Make a wide vertical line filled with abstract design colors but put the stripes on both sides when coloring the specific area. It would look astounding and even much more with great idea.

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