2016 Most Comfortable Exercise Dresses Ideas for Women & Girls

March 5, 2016 |

Exercise Outfit Ideas for Women:

Exercise is very important into our lives. If we want to keep ourselves fit & strong then of course we need to perform exercise on daily basis if not then at least three days in a week is necessary for us. So, for exercise you need special clothes. Can you exercise into a maxi dress or into a formal gown? Of course it’s a not because for exercise you usually needs such clothes that can allow you to move your body freely here & there. Furthermore, we all know that it is an age fashion, so you also need those exercise dresses that not only makes you feel relaxed during exercise but also fulfill the latest requirements of fashion. In this regard, today, I am going to share a wide variety of 2016 exercises outfits for fashion loving women & girls. Whether you are a slim lady or a plus size, it never matters because here I try to include almost every type of exercise dresses. Whether you love mini exercise attire or full body covering outfit, here you can get all what you need.  Let’s check out the assortment!

Mini to Full Body Covering Range of Exercise Dresses:

As the name shows that mini means small or very little. So an exercise dress that has a mini shorts with top is called mini exercise dress as you can below into the following picture.

Mini Exercise Dresses

0 mini exercise dress for ladies

With such shorts you can pair two different styles of tops, one is the midriff length sleeveless top & other is the tank style top. The choice is yours.
Another exercise dress is in which the midriff or tank tops are paired with knee length tight but flexible pajamas as shown below into the picture.

Knee Length Tight Pajama with Comfortable Top Exercise Attire

1 knee length exercise pants with tops  (1)

Similarly you can get these leg hugging pajamas in calf length as shown below.

Calf Length Leg Hugging Pajamas with Tops

2  calf length care free pants & tops for exercise

The pajamas are also available in full length.

Full Length Pajamas/Pants with Tank Tops or Midriff Tops

3 long pants with tops for exercise  (1)

Actually these all pajamas, tops, shorts are made by using a flexible type of stuff. So, it can fit to any type of body due to its flexibility feature. You can find all these exercises dresses into different lighter or brighter color schemes. You can go either monochromatic colors or you can choose a different color combination. The choice is yours. When you wear exercise dresses then you also need to pay attention towards your hairstyle. During exercise I think your all hairs should be made tightly so that your hairs can never disturb you during exercise. You can try either top knotted tightly made bun hairstyle or tightly made braided hairstyle or high ponytails.

Funky Exercise Clothes for Girls:

4 funky rxercise dresses for girls (1)

In this summer season I think you should go into your gym for exercise by wearing some funky styles of exercise clothes. Try those pants or pajamas that have bright color flower or stripped print as shown above into the picture.

Loose Exercise Clothes for Women:

5 loose pajamas & tops suits for exercies (1)
Some ladies never like to wear tight clothes during exercise because these tights clothes can cause irritation of allergy on their skin. So, for them the loose pajamas & loose tops are best as shown above into the picture.

Rompers for Exercise:

6 rompers for exercise wear (1)

Now days, in 2016 summer season I am sure that romper is going to become a hit gym dress for girls. It not only looks trendy but also allows you to exercise comfortably. I love the idea of using rompers as exercise attire. Now days some more sporty styles rompers are available for exercise.

Track Suit for Walking, Running & Jogging:

7 tracck suit  for ladies that suit  personality

You must buy at least one track suit so that you can use this suit when you want to run on the road or in streets, when you want to walk, when you want to jog on a track. Gym is place where you can exercise freely but when you need to perform exercise at public place such as in a park on near road then you need a less body revealing exercise suit. I think in this case the track suit is best option.

Exercise Size Dresses for plus Size Women:

8 plus size ladies exercise dresses

Don’t worry, dear plus size ladies & girls, because here I also include some special exercise attires for you. You can also use knee length pajamas with tank tops or midriff length tops as you can view above into the photo.

Swimming Suits for Women:

9 swimming exercise dress

Some women love to exercise in a pool so for them I include these special swimming suits. First is one piece swimming suit & other is two piece swimming suit. Choose your style!

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