2016-2017 Fahad Hussayn Wedding Costumes at Telenor Bridal Cuoture Week

March 14, 2016 |

Fahad Hussayn at TBCW:

At event of 11 Telenor Bridal Couture week, Fashad Hussayn stunned the Pakistan fashion country gentry by his utmost prestigious Gulzar Munzil bridal collection at Faletti the hotel. Pakistan’s leading fashion icons were there to explore the splendid elegance of their unique and contemporary visions of fashions. For 20126 and 2017’s brides, this collection is sumptuous assortment to explore their evocative bridal beauty in most fascinating highly inspiring way.

Fahad is greatly engaged with classical grace to define its excellent magnificence in contemporary concepts. Excellent traditional and modern touches are presenting rare combinations which are excellently terrific for elite Pakistani brides. Profound embellishing visions, intricate designing sense and tremendously fabulous stitching cuts are greatly some matchless expressions. Both bridal & groom attires are designed with such splendid dexterity that a royal elegance is spontaneously articulated by captured esteemed fashion minds. Brides who are going to rock the world with their excellent bridal beauty can excellently think about this matchless collection which is simple ideal and desired to attain a mesmeric appearance at great day of life. Let’s discuss prestigious designing visions, unique manifestations of royalty and classy expressions of these fantastic wedding outfits.

Long red bridal lehanga dress:

1 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection

Examine the sumptuous grace of ideal red bridal lehanga dress. Enormously graceful embellishing visions and excellent pair of contrast jewelry is justifying the accurate elegance of this regal style bridal dress.

Bridal maxi dress:

2 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (1)

Modish grace of maxi style is consumed in traditional elegance to invent fetching walima bridal dress. His full embellished floor length maxi is embellished with excellent fancy materials, classical hairstyles and royal jewelry accessories are creating splendid grace which is ideal for brides.

banarsi bridal lehanga dress:

3 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (2)

Highly appreciating and just excellent bridal costume in banarsi stuff is grabbing the eyes of elite fashionista. This sumptuous bridal attire rocked the TBCW’s ramp by its excellent grave. Royal style jewelry and bright makeup is further definitely classy elegance of royal figure.

For stylish groom:

4 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (3)

Contemporary grooms who are fed up by seeing heavy embellish sherwani and traditional turban can exclusively think about this opulent groom dress. This regal style groom dress with exclusive grace of shawl and plain turban is crating perfect magnificence which is ial fo dashing men.

Perfect couple’s costumes:

5 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (4)

If bride and groom are wanted to create excellent symmetry in your wedding costumes, then this terrific pair of amazing wedding costumes will be matchless for them. Groom’s shawl is defining fabulous regularity with bridal attire.

Perfect reception’s day looks:

6 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (5)

Both for bride and groom, excellent matching looks are created to deal with their walima appearances. Bride and groom attires are sharing classy grace of classical patterns with definite modish vision. Their hue scheme is also excellently communicating and producing excellent idea for reception day’s look.

Open style gorgeous bridal dress:

7 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (6)

Heavy embellished open style long gown is creating perfect magnificence which is ideal for modish brides. This alluring dress is matchless selection for wedding day and perfect for those brides who are not interested in wearing red color. If you want to add some conventional touch then you can select maroon or red color dupatta to depict perfect portrait of gorgeous traditional bridal beauty.

Royal wedding grace:

8 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (7)

Are you interested in enjoy sumptuous magnificence of royal couple then select this excellent idea to explore your wedding looks. Both bride and groom can produce excellent elegance by wearing these splendid wedding attires which have matchless symmetry and perfect for ideal royal elegance.

Ideal groom dress:

9 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (8)

For handsome groom, this wearing idea is excellently terrific. This short sherwani dress with plain turban is excellently marvelous to produce exclusive grace. You can wear this magnificent dress at after wedding formal events also.

Sumptuous wedding costumes:

10 fahad hussayn TBCW wedding collection (9)
Those bride and groom who are interested in fantastic royal grace you deal with their wedding look; these excellent costumes are perfectly matchless selection. Brides heavy embellished kurti with lehanga is producing conventional grace while its hue is protecting contemporary magnificence and groom is determine to express fabulous emperor like look with whole heart.

Friendly advice: to produce unique magnificence at your wedding,  think about regal manifestations to deal with your bridal look. It will be excellent unique trend which will make your wedding remarkable.

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