10 Best Opulence Ladies Shoe Brand

January 3, 2015 |

10 best expensive brand shoes for ladies

Female character is most beautiful and attractive in all human being and those are much conscious about their beauty and craze. They want to select luxury, modern and recent trend fashion objects, for inimitable and exceptional glance. In the pass time, ladies most focused on dresses but now in this ru8nning fashion world they wear any attire with a lot of elegant accessories.

Today, I am going to talk about just women shoes, like dresses they also alter shoes for every event and always prefer designer and exotic brand creations that’ reason I collected most pre-eminent and leading brand ladies shoe assortment.

In this article, I will share top 10 celebrated brand shoes those have extraordinary beauty and fascination. Have an enormous look our exclusive and current fashion brand ladies shoe assortment.

Gucci white ladies shoes

1 The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands (1)

Gucci is prestigious and world recognized fashion brand that known in the worldwide area from its durable and stunning leather good. This dazzling pair of white leather shoes is designed by Italian Gucci and adorned its golden logo that represents original Designer formation.

Jimmy Shoe black peep toe shoe

2 The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands (5)

This is one of the best and most valuable exotic fashion brands that associated from British and launched numerous products. This extremely nice and chic black peep toe shoe with high heel sole is designed by Jimmy Choo and decked from ankle with double layers bow and authentic brooch.

Walter Stegier fantastic shoe

3 The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands (6)

Walter Stergier is recognized in the whole world from its astonished and marvelous designs of shoes. In this above image, you are seeing Walter Stegier incredible sole high heel shoes those are designed with leopard prints, and black plain material and look amazing.

Manolo Blahnik pointed toe shoe

4  The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands (8)

Manolo Blahnik is high-end Spanish shoe brand that always presents unique and modern pair of luxury shoes. This pointed toe shoe is made with delightful blue shiny material and toe part is enriched with silver sterling metal brooch that is embellished sparkling stones.

Burberry high-heel pump

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This dazzling pair of high heel pump is designed by British Burberry and adorned with tartan fabric that is most prominent among Burberry creations. Toe part is decked with layers style bow that enhances the magnificent of this charming shoe.

Christian Louboutin Paris girls’ shoes

6 The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands

Christian Louboutin is veteran and prestigious exotic shoe maker that has included glossy and red-lacquered sole in his shoe assortment that now become his signature or identification. This stunning and elegant Christian Louboutin pair of ladies shoe is made with shiny durable leather in light oink shade. Crossing upper foot straps enhances the magnificent and tempting of this fascinated shoe.

Louis Vuitton French Shoe brand

7 Louis

Louis Vuitton is the name of pre-eminent and exceptional fashion brand that presents luxury and ultra-classic products. This full black foot covers Louis Vuitton shoe is made with durable leather with pointed toe style which is adorned with stainless steel and over its golden and silver studs.

Miu Miu exotic shoe brand

8 heels-miu-miu

Miu-Miu is a high Italian fashion brand that created many products. Here you can see its dazzling creation of ladies shoe that is made with flashy pink leather with chunky heel that is enriched with crystal stones.

Alexander McQueen British fashion brand

9 Alexender mcqueen

Alexander McQueen is recognized from his heavy, incredible work on shoes like you can see in the above image. This fantastic and marvelous pillar heel shoe is designed by Alexander McQueen with black and golden contrasted hues combination. White pearls and studded heel exude outstaning nad exceptional glance.

Brain Atwood international shoe brand

10 Brain Atwood

Brain Atwood offered for this New Year exceptional and exclusive shoe collection that is made with patch work and looks tremendously graceful and enchanting. Look at this shoe that is made with seven colors leather while pointed toe is adorned with flower.

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